The Cue

  • Is a 57″ two-piece high grade ash cue that we get specially made for our purposes.
  • Default Weight is 17.5-18.5oz. Lighter & Heavier weights are also available.
  • There is a choice of 3 tip sizes :
  1. 9.5mm Glue-on w/- brass ferule – is re-tipped by us with a USA Blue Diamond Tip
  2. 11mm Screw-on w/- brass ferule – we also offer a spare chalkless silicone tip
  3. 13mm Glue-on w/- X-Strength Nylon ferule – Mainly for USA/Canada

The Design

  • We will always send you a 3D visual for you to check design, addition placement & spelling.
  • We don’t necessarily send a 3D visual for an Online Shop where no text or photo was added but if you may request one.
  • Design is applied on air-free vinyl & sealed with two-pack (the same durable way that designs are applied to motor vehicles)

The Quality Checks

  1. Cues are checked for straightness, weight, structure & aesthetics before being selected for design.
  2. Design application is thoroughly checked before two-pack finish is applied.
  3. Two-pack finish is visually checked.
  4. Quality report is filled out on every worksheet including tests for straightness, weight, tip & playing quality.
  5. Final aesthetics check is carried out before item is packed & dispatched.

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