Returns Policy Statement

This is a pre-policy statement to explain that even though we offer an excellent quality product & a fair and generous replacement policy, we cannot offer an unconditional blanket warranty as is sometimes offered with non-custom made products.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. Most sellers have little or no input into the actual quality of the product & therefore can offload the financial responsibility to their wholesaler. This is not the case with a Custom Product as we have modified the product for your specific order.
  2. With a regular product, if a customer is being excessively fussy, a returned product can be always re-sold at a reduced rate to recover the wholesale cost. This is not the case with a Custom product, because it has usually been personalized or made specifically for an order.

We cater for this by incorporating responsive customer service & proven, documented quality control procedures (in unison with a more detailed Returns Policy)


  • We use a high-grade ash cue that we pay extra for, so as to receive the quality that we want.
  • The 13mm tips have extra strength ferules to stand up to the rigors of US nine-ball
  • The 9.5mm’s, we re-tip with Blue Diamond tips to ensure properly fixed competition quality play
  • With the 11mm tips, we offer an option for a chalkless 11mm silicone tip.
  • All re-weighting is done by myself with threaded weights & the best quality adhesives.
  • Initial Check – We check the straightness & general quality of your cue before even being considered for design application.
  • Final Check – The results of a complete quality check (straightness, playing quality, tip, weight & aesthetics) are documented for every custom cue on every worksheet.
  • Finally, our customer satisfaction record speaks for itself.

Custom Product policies are designed to look after & protect the honest majority while not pandering to the actions of a dishonest minority.

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