The Cue – We’ve recently upgraded to our new higher grade ash cues, which are 57.5″ , two-piece & fitted with a stainless joiner.

Tip Choices are:

  1. 11mm screw-on with brass ferrule (Popular Generic Choice)
  2. 13mm glue-on  with X-Strength nylon ferrule (US/Canada)
  3. 9.5mm glue-on with brass ferrule (Also available with Blue Diamond re-tip for 9.95)

Cue Weights are:

  1. Medium –  17.2 – 18.4oz (Default) – This is the most popular choice & is what is selected if no other requests are made.
  2. Light – 16 – 17.1oz
  3. Heavy – 19 – 19.5 (May carry an extra cost of 19.95, as we need to physically add weight inside the cue.)
  4. X-Heavy – 20 – 20.5oz (May carry an extra cost of 39.90, as we need to physically add weight inside the cue.)

All cues are checked for straightness & weight before even making the selection boxes for our Custom Products.

All cues are also given a documented quality report before being dispatched.

How is the design application different to a Chinese application – Chinese designs are made using an ultra thin transparent transfer that is soaked in water & applied to the cue. These transfers aren’t suitable for what we do because:

1.) They can’t be produced in small quantities & therefore are two expensive to produce as one-offs.

3.) They are also not available in Australia for environmental reasons.

Our decals are fine quality latex 50 micron air-free decals printed to the highest Australian standards. They are the same type that are applied to motor vehicles & are vibrant & rich, in colour & also extremely durable.  Each design is created on a full wrap decal that stretches from base to joiner .

The Finish – After applying your design to the cue, the cue is sealed with three coats of a clear two-pack finish, which is the same durable protection as used on motor vehicles. Finally, the cues are left to dry for 2 – 3 days before sending.

Please Note: Because every cue is finished individually (which is the very nature of a Custom Cue) it is sprayed by hand, not by bulk automation. We endevour to create the best protective finish we can however sometimes there may be a mild to moderate build up of finish at the bottom of the top shaft, above the joiner from the run. If this is the case, it does not affect the playing quality of the cue or the aesthetics of the cue in any way. We only mention this as a matter of disclosure for perfectionists.  See image below.









Matching Cue Case – You may order a cue case that matches the cue. We do this by applying an unsealed, durable latex decal design to the entire front of the case. As stated, this decal is durable, however it is not sealed so please don’t use thinners, chemicals or alcohol to clean it.

The Design – Every design is treated as unique & individual. Because some customers have an exact idea of what they want & others are just happy with what we design, there are no hard-fast rules. Some designs require a commercial look whereas others are designed to be an extension of the player’s personality.

For this reason we listen to what you want & add a touch or suggestion of what we think may suit.

Quite often we will ask the buyer to go to Google Images & select suitable images. This simply gives us a better idea of colour, design & vision.

If needed, we will send you one or two visual options to get an idea of whether we’re on the same wavelength. Before we start on any custom cue, we always send a final proof with a visual & all details of your order.