International Shipping Information

International Shipping Locations

We send to US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Scandinavia & Most of Europe. If you are outside these areas, for instance, Developed Asia, feel free to contact us to request shipping cost information.

International Exchange Rates

We welcome orders from outside Australia. In fact, we find, in some weeks that our US orders far outweigh our local Australian orders. This is because, at present, the US get great value for their money with a favorable currency exchange. UK & Euro also works between 65 – 75% of our Australian Dollar. Canada & New Zealand are comparible to the Australian Dollar.

International Shipping Costs

Costs in the Online Store are calculated using the Australia Post calculator. We have removed all other options other than Standard & express Shipping to make sure customers don’t get overcharged for their service.

We have found with our rates that we can offer New Zealand a special Express Service for the same price as the Standard Service.

Shipping Times (Please allow an extra week during Xmas & New Year period)

New Zealand (Express Service)3 - 7 daysDistance from main centres
United States2 - 3 weeks US Customs Security checks & distance from main centres
Canada2 - 4 weeks Distance from main centres & weather
UK2 - 3 weeks Customs Delays

Example: It usually takes 3 – 5 days for Australian parcels to reach the US & be scanned in by Customs. Depending on the backlog, customs can take 1 – 2 weeks to clear the item & pass it onto US Postal Service for delivery to you.


We will supply your tracking number & your countries Postal Tracking Website, however, please be aware that nothing will appear until the item is scanned in on entry to your countries customs department. Another method of tracking all the way from Australia is to use & enter your tracking number, country of destination & Australia Post as the carrier.

Import Duties

For UK, Ireland & Europe please be aware that your countries customs may charge an import tax for luxury items (usually around 20%). This is an extra charge that we have no control over. Hopefully, the shipping savings that we are passing on will assist with that.

There are no import taxes for U.S or New Zealand and should be none for Canada, however, we ask Canadians to check.