Q: If I order a cue from the Online Store, how long till I get my order?

General timing is that we will complete your cue & have it sent within 8 – 15 days from the date of payment. There are times during the year, where we may delay a weekly order to the following week, however this wouldn’t extend the finish period by any more than 5 days.

To avoid delays, a general rule of thumb (including Shipping) is to :

  1. Order 3 – 4 weeks before you need it, if you’re in Australia
  2. Order 5 – 6 weeks before you need it, if you’re outside Australia

Q: If I order a Special Custom Design, how long till I get my order?

Generally, it’s the same as above, except that you have to allow time for us to create your design. This usually takes 1 – 3 days but can take up to 7 days.

We will always contact you within 24 hours of receiving your contact form. If we have enough information to work with, that contact will be in the form of a quick visual of your design, to speed up the process.

  • We try to reach an agreed design in as little a time as possible but it depends on a lot of factors. Some designs can be reached the same day.
  • Once approval of a design is reached, a proof is sent with order & payment details. Please read & check the proof, then if all is OK, you can approve the order with one of our supplied payment options.
  • After payment has been made, cues take 8 to 15 days to complete.

Q: How long does Shipping Take?

Freight time can vary from:

  • Domestic (within Australia)
    2 – 5 days (Queensland, NSW & Vic) compared to 4 – 10 days (SA, Tas, NT & WA)
  • International
    7 – 14 days (New Zealand) compared to 10 – 21 days (Rest of World)

For more shipping information Click here for Shipping Times.


Q: How much do the cues cost?

All of our quotes are in Australian Dollars. Please use 78 – 80% as an approximation for US Dollars / 59 – 60% for an approximation for UK Sterling


  1. Cues in the online store start at 99.90 (with no text added)
  2. “Add your text” is 25.00 & “Add an Image” is 35.00
  3.  Adding Cases – a soft canvas cue case is an extra 7.95 & a vinyl hard case is AUD44.50. We can also make a hard cue case made that matches the cue for AUD75.00. This price includes the extra shipping cost for the additional weight.


We have now made our Custom Design Pricing as inclusive & simple as possible. For Custom Design Pricing please click on one of the below:

  1. Australia
  2. Rest Of the World

Custom Design requires a $50 deposit for Brand New designs. This deposit comes off the total price but is non-refundable if the order is abandoned after design work is done.

Please take the time to read Terms & Conditions for one-off Custom Design. It’s not long winded or hard to understand but it does cover Design Deposit conditions & Rules regarding your design.

Q: Are there any additional costs ?

  1. The only time there are extra design costs are if the customer wants the design completely changed after a design has been completed.
  2. In the Online Shop there is a re-weighting cost of 15.00, if the cue weight required is 17 – 18.5oz.  This is because we physically have to alter the weight of a lighter cue. We waive this cost for Special Custom Design.
  3. Online Shop Cues with 9.5mm tips are charged at an extra 9.95 because we re-tip them with Blue Diamond tips. (This is inclusive in the price for Custom Design)
  4. There are also some additional tip options for 11 & 13mm tips.
  5. Express Post can be chosen as an option in the Online Shopping Cart or when purchasing a Custom Design Cue. (Express Shipping is inclusive for New Zealand Custom Design orders)

Q: What is the cost of shipping?

Australian Shipping – Shipping is always included in the price with both Custom & Online Shop orders. Items are sent via Australia Post Parcel with Tracking.

International Freight – Items are sent via Pack and Track International. There are two simple options “Standard & Express” which are calculated by the Australia post plugin.

PLEASE NOTE: Some countries like the UK, Ireland & most of the EU have their own import tax. This is separate & will be charged by your own countries customs department. There are no import taxes for the US or Canada.

CountrySingle Cuesingle cue with Case
New Zealand$34.90$49.90
Asia Pacific / USA / Canada
UK / Europe$34.90$49.90


Q: What Type of cues are they & how is the design applied?

We have recently upgraded from maples to a higher grade ash cue with stainless joiner.

Cues are a 57.5″ two-piece ash

Cue Weights are

  1. Default – 19 – 22oz – Our new cues are a Medium to Heavy cue. This is the standard if not requested otherwise and varies with tip size.
  •  9.5mm are generally 18.5 – 20oz
  • 11mm are generally 19 – 21oz
  • 13mm are generally 19.5 – 22oz
  1. Med-Light to Med. – 17.5 – 18.5oz – Require a small re-weighting cost (AUD$15) – Limited 11mm stock
  2. Light – 15.5 – 17oz – These are the lighter cues that are re-weighted to Med. – Limited 11mm stock

Q: What tip size should I choose ?

Cue Tip Choices are:

  1. US/Canada – 13mm standard glue tip with extra strength ferule
  2. US/Canada – 13mm glue tip w/- X strength ferule + Alt. Tip Pack (13mm Elk & 14mm Griptips + Tube Cue Goo)
  3. Australia, Rest of World – 11mm screw-on leather tip with brass ferrule
  4. Australia, Rest of World – 11mm screw-on leather tip + spare tip pk (griptip & soft blue) (highly recommended)
  5. Australia, UK & Rest of World – 9.5mm glue-on Blue Diamond tip & brass ferrule

What we usually recommend:

  • 13mm tips – Are usually recommended in the US/Canada because of larger pool balls used (2 & 1/4 inches.) This tip is a glue-on with an extra strength nylon/poly ferrule.
  • 11mm tips – Besides US orders, 11mm tips are by far the most popular. This is not because of any playing preference, but simply because they are a generic size for all pool balls & they are screw-on, which means that they are easily replaced. They do the job & if you’re buying for a casual player they are fine, however my preference is with glue-on tips as they play better. There are professional screw-on tips that you can buy to replace the generic 11mm tip on the cue but I’ve rarely seen them available in Australia. We now sell the latest in silicone tips that are also available in our store. These give a cushioned shot & grip the ball without any need for chalk. I highly recommend these as an addition to your purchase.
  • 9.5mm tips – More often used among competition & “more than casual” players. We always recommend them to the UK players because of a preference towards snooker & because most UK players have played with a glue-on tip before & will notice the difference between that & a screw-on tip. We charge an extra $10 for these, because we re-tip them with Blue Diamond tips. This is not because the generic glue-on tip isn’t OK to play with, but simply because we can’t tell how well the tip has been adhered, so we’d prefer to replace the tip rather then the tip coming off in the first week.

Q: How is the design applied?

Design is created on a latex wrap similar to those used on motor vehicles. The wrap covers the butt of the cue & is sealed with 2 hand-sprayed coats of a durable two-pack clear finish.

For more information on quality checks & how the design is applied please go to our Quality Page

Q: What does my cue come in ?

  1. All Online Shop cues come standard in a clear protective PVC sleeve with clip. This packaging does present effectively if for a gift.
  2. All Special Custom Design cues come standard in black canvas soft cue case.
  3. Soft, hard & Custom cases can be purchased separately. (See Below)

Q: Can I purchase a hard cue case?

  1. A black vinyl cue case with black inner lining can be added to your order for 44.90.
  2. A custom cue case can be created to match the cue for 75.00.
  3. We now also have soft canvas cases for only 7.95.

Q: How Does the Order Process Work with Custom Design?

You can order by using our easy Order Form accessed through the Quote Page

Important: Please take the time to read Terms & Conditions for one-off Custom Design.

The Order form will give you the ability to

    1. Leave us your preferred contact details
    2. Choose some basic cue preferences
    3. Give us a basic idea of the design that you require
    4. Attach an image (if required)
    5. Form also gives you a basic idea of our pricing. Please read & check box as design time can’t be allocated unless you’re happy with our pricing.

Alternatively, we also have a General Form & contact numbers on the Contacts Page. After contact we will need to communicate via email so please make sure that your listed email address is correct. If you haven’t heard from us, please check your Junk/Spam folder.

Every design process is a little different depending on the specifics of the design. Once we have discussed the design & it is considered to be a Brand New design that we are creating, we will email a quote & you will need to agree to the quote, before any design is proceeded with. Under some circumstances a small deposit may be required. This deposit will naturally come off the price of the cue.

We will email a quick visual in the form of a Dropbox link to make sure we’re on the same wavelength. After that it’s a matter of making any changes needed until we arrive at a design that you are happy with.

After a design is agreed upon we will send you an email proof, including all details of your proposed purchase including design, cue & order details, postage address, timing & payment. Full or partial payment is required for us to proceed, so as we can meet our promise of having your cue completed & sent within 15 days. When using Paypal, we now allow for a starting payment & a final payment before being sent.

Q: Do you have a returns policy?

Yes, we do. You can access our returns policy by clicking here. Alternatively, there is link you can access at the footer of our site.