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The Timing

Q: How long till I get my order?

We will complete your cue & have it ready to send within 8 – 15 days from the date of payment. (If timing steps outside this parameter, it’s only by a few days) CLICK HERE – This Week’s order Timing To avoid delays, a general rule of thumb (including Shipping) is to :
  1. Order 3 – 4 weeks before required, if you’re in Australia
  2. Order 5 – 6 weeks before required, if you’re outside Australia
  • We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your contact form. If we have enough information, that contact may be in the form of a quick visual of your design, to speed up the process.
  • We attempt to reach an agreed design in as little time as possible but it varies. Some designs can be reached the same day.
  • It is worth asking if we have an existing design in our library as process is quicker & therefore cheaper.
  • Once approval of a design is reached, a proof is sent with order & payment details. Please check the proof, then if all is OK, you can approve the order with one of our payment options.
  • After payment has been made, cues take 8 to 15 days to complete.
CLICK HERE – This Week’s order Timing

Q: How long does shipping take?

Domestic (within Australia) 2 – 5 days (Queensland, NSW & Vic) 4 – 6 days (Sth Aust & Tas) 5 – 10 days (NT & WA) Express Shipping is highly dependent on which State & how central
  • International 7 – 14 days (New Zealand) compared to 10 – 21 days (Rest of World)
 Click here for more international shipping information


Q: How much do the cues cost?

All of our quotes are in Australian Dollars. Please use 74 – 76% as an approximation for US Dollars /56 – 58% for an approximation for UK Sterling
  1. Cues in the online store start at AUD119 (with no text added)
  2. “Add your text” is 20.00
  3.  Adding Cases – a soft canvas cue case is 7.95 & a vinyl hard case is AUD44.50. We can also make a hard cue case made that matches the cue for AUD69.90.
For Custom Design Pricing please click on one of the below:
  1. Australia
  2. Rest Of the World
Please take the time to read Terms & Conditions for one-off Custom Design. It is not hard to understand & it explains Design Deposit conditions & Rules regarding your design.

Australian Shipping –
  • Shipping is heavily subsidized for Online Shop orders. (Express can be selected in the shop)
  • We will always try to include shipping cost in quotes for Custom Design orders. They are charged at Australia Post prices.
  • Items are sent via Australia Post Parcel with Tracking. (Express shipping via quote)
International Freight – Items are sent via Pack and Track International. Both Standard & Express are calculated using an Australia Post plugin. PLEASE NOTE: Some countries like the UK, Ireland & the EU have their own import tax. This is separate & will be charged by your own countries customs department. There are no import taxes for the US or Canada.
CountrySingle Cuesingle cue with Case
New Zealand$24.90 (Express)$29.90 (Express)
Asia Pacific / USA / Canada
$39.90 (Standard)$49.90(Standard)
UK / Europe$44.90 (Standard)$54.90 (Standard)


Q: What type of cues are used (Tip,weight etc)?

Cues are a 57″ two-piece ash with stainless joiner (Ideal for height 165 – 185cm / 5’5″ – 6’1″)

We now have 52″ cues with 11mm tips available (please ask) (Ideal for players under 160cm or 5’3″)

Default tip sizes & weights

9.5 – 10mm are generally 17 – 20oz
11mm are generally 19 – 20oz
12 – 13mm are generally 19 – 20oz

Q: What tip size should I choose?


  • 12 – 13mm tip – Recommended in the US/Canada because of larger pool balls used (2 & 1/4 inches.) Is a glue-on with an extra strength nylon/poly ferrule.
  • 11mm tips – Besides US orders, 11mm tips are the most popular simply because they are a generically used size & being screw-on, are easily replaced. For a casual player they are the safe choice. I highly recommend getting the spare tip pack option with the 11mm which has a New tech chalkless silicone tip & a blue soft tip.
  • 9.5 – 10mm tips – More often used among competition & advanced players. This is because a glue-on tip generally plays better than a screw-on. Plus the smaller the tip, the less you play off center to spin the ball. We recommend them to the UK players because of a preference towards quality snooker tips.

Q: How is the design applied?