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We can create whatever design you want on a 57″ two-piece ash cue as long as it works in with our Terms & Conditions

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  • We have limited stock of straight black maple cues with off-center weights.
  • By removing the end just above the weight, then re-weighting & sealing the end with a rubber buffer we can create a kids 49″ cue that can be customized just like the adult size.
  • As long as we use re-sized versions of our Online Shop or Existing designs we are able to create a great little Custom Kids Cues for $99.
  • Naturally, a brand new Custom Design can be created but this naturally would have added design costs.

 Grafitti Tyler Kids CueJoker Kids Cue

Super Kids Cue


  • We can also make up Jiggers or Spiders for $150 each.
  • They are made on a maple 2pc rest stick using higher quality brass jigger or spider heads with ebonite ends to protect the table

Jiggers Cue Spider Cue


  • We are looking at the possibility of Custom Triangles but they would only be for locals as they are a pain to pack & send (plus the shipping kills the price)
  • If you’re looking for Customized Pool balls we recommend
  • If you’re looking for customized cloth we recommend


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