Custom Design Australia

Custom Design is when we’re creating a special design for you that’s not in our Online Shop.

  • It can be a Personalized Design – using your own photos & images
  • OR a Specific Theme Design

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NOTE: For copyright protection, themed designs must comply with our Terms & Conditions

Custom Design Form

GENERAL PRICE RANGE  – varies depending on whether we’re:

1.) Creating a brand new design from scratch

  • CUE – Design applied (In Soft Canvas case) = 150
  • Design Cost (2 – 4 hours) =99
  • SUBTOTAL = 245
  • Add Shipping Cost (Australia Post)
  • Optional – Matching Hardcase Upgrade = 79

2.) Modifying an existing concept from our library

  • CUE – Design applied (In Soft Canvas case) = 150
  • Modification Cost (Up to 1.5 hours) = 45
  • SUBTOTAL = 195
  • Add Shipping Cost (Australia Post)
  • Optional – Matching Hardcase Upgrade = 79

If local customers want to pick the cue up rather than having it sent, there is a significant discount for cash sales.

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  • Most of the time we will quote a price including shipping but the below point will give you an idea of how much it is within the total price.
  • Standard shipping for a single cue & case varies from 15 – 20 dollars (dependent on State)
  • Express shipping – varies State by State


  1. AFTERPAY – We can create a product link to purchase in Shop ($10 Admin fee) – Please Ask
  2. PAYPAL – We will supply a payment link for the exact amount. You don’t have to have a Paypal account. it can be used like any online payment gateway.
  3. CREDIT CARD BY PHONE – Number will be supplied for you to call.
  4. DIRECT DEPOSIT – Evidence of payment must be supplied.

We will require a $75 deposit before undertaking a brand-new design (See Terms/Conditions)


  1. The easiest way is to contact us using our Custom Order Form. On the form, you can upload images and explain your concept. (You may also order by phone or email)
  2. We will contact you via email within 24 hours of receiving your form. Please check your spam folder first then let us know if for some reason you haven’t received an email.
  3. We will either supply options that we can offer you, with approximate pricing or we may ask for specific information if needed.
  4. The email conversation procedure is friendly & efficient. It may require multiple emails & visuals until we arrive at an agreed design that you are happy with.
  5. Finally, a full proof is emailed with all details to do with your order plus timing, 3D visual(s) and payment options. By making the payment you will be approving your order.
  6. Your order will then be placed in the current week’s order timing to be made. Generally, cues are completed and ready to send in 8 – 15 days. Click here for this week’s timing.
  7. We will supply you with a tracking number via email when the order is completed & has been dispatched.